T.H.I.N.K. “Life”

Try Hard Investigate New Knowledge “Life”

This year’s theme has a two part focus. It was originated by a team of middle school students after discussing school wide data and referencing shared classroom experiences involving interacting with challenging curricular items. The theme is designed to encourage all DLH Academy students to make greater efforts to apply the knowledge that they gain daily. Students often work tirelessly to complete assigned tasks but fail to use the knowledge gained to help them problem solve in new situations.

The T.H.I.N.K. portion of the theme is to remind students that they are knowledgeable and can use their prior experiences and problem solving strategies to learn new things, to effectively use their resources and to work independently and collaboratively as needed.

The “life” portion of the theme stands for Live to Inspire Friends to Excel. This year we want to encourage students to make a habit of encouraging one another. We notice that it has become increasingly popular in our society to use put downs, slang and sarcasm in day to day communications. When children engage in this type of interaction, even if they are “just kidding” it can be very hurtful and have lasting effects. We seek to directly address this matter by intentionally helping students to be encouraging in their day to day communications. To that end we have also added a theme “song” this year. The theme song is Think Life by TobyMac. This song will be played at all school gatherings, at some of our after school sports rehearsals and at times in our classrooms.

Let’s work together to help our students to be confident and encouraged as well as remind them to  use their words and skills to encourage others! 


Mrs. Fletcher



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