Straight From the Principal's Desk

Principal’s Letter

Pamela Jasinski

I am excited and humbled to serve as Principal of Darrell Lynn Hines College Preparatory Academy of Excellence! In this position, I look forward to upholding the vision and mission, and ensuring that each child that enters these doors leaves with a high quality, well rounded, holistic, educational experience. I have witnessed the unwavering strength and perseverance of the staff here at DLH Academy, and the devotion of our families to the continued growth and development of their children. I will continue the push for high achievement and a relentless attitude to ensure we continually make forward progress in our educational practices. The IB framework continues to be the driving force at DLHA. We continue to teach our children that being different is something to be celebrated and not discouraged. We encourage students to dig deeper and be risk-takers as they inquire into the how and why of other cultures around the world today. We want our students to be open-minded, responsible, and respectful citizens. The IB framework helps develop these skills in a meaningful way. It is with great pride that I take on the opportunity to work with students to prepare them for high school, college, and beyond. I look forward to working with families to nurture the development of their children into whatever they aspire to be. I will work diligently to ensure all children are success driven, and that the talents they hold within are developed as they learn and grow. Thank you for choosing DLH Academy, and I look forward to working alongside parents and students to build strong, committed, knowledgeable, leaders for our future!