Carrera Program

The Carrera Program is designed to create a healthy environment where young people can identify their gifts and talents and begin the progress towards healthy growth and development. Teens often forget what we say or do, but they rarely forget how we make them feel. We help by caring, being present, forgiving, offering a stable environment and always communicating that they are special. When teens believe they have value and a real chance for success, they start to see a future in which teen pregnancy has no part.

The Carrera Program is part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, in partnership with Darrell L. Hines Academy, Community Advocates, Children’s Aid Society and the Wisconsin Department of Children & Families.  All students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades that attend Darrell L. Hines Academy participate in the Carrera Program.

The Carrera Program includes seven fundamental components:


  1. Education: To provide tutoring, enrichment activities and homework assistance as necessary centering on eliminating dropout rates, improving academic performance, and encouraging the pursuit of higher education.
  2. Job Club:  To educate students about financial literacy and the world of work. Students develop basic work-related skills, learn principles behind banking and savings, and participate in business activities that will expose them to elements of entrepreneurship and earning potential.
  3. Family Life and Sexuality Education (FLSE): To develop sexual literacy in an age and stage appropriate fashion. This is accomplished through weekly holistic sexuality education sessions that are taught in an age-appropriate, medically accurate fashion that emphasizes abstinence.
  4. Self Expression: To expose young people to various creative opportunities that allow them to express their thoughts and feelings related to individual identity, their families and their communities through artistic outlets. Through engaging activities, Self Expression inspires creativity, self discovery and overall artistic skill development associated with cross disciplinary learning and critical thinking.
  5. Lifetime Individual Sports: To provide students with exposure to sports that can be played throughout the life cycle. These individual sports activities require precise mastery. It is our belief that the exercise of such skills as self-discipline and impulse control learned in these sports can be transferred to other aspects of daily living.
  6. Medical and Dental Care: To ensure that participants have access to annual, no cost comprehensive medical and dental services provided in partnership with local providers. The Carrera Program works with families, providers and partners to ensure that financial hardships are not barriers to receiving comprehensive medical and dental care.
  7. Mental Health Services: To provide preventive Mental Health services to 100% of students through weekly socialization groups called Power Group, which focus on group activities and theme-based discussion. In addition, a licensed professional counselor provides psychosocial assessments, short term counseling, case management, referrals and crisis intervention services for students and their families with specific needs.