Superintendent's Message

It is an honor to be a part of the Darrell Lynn Hines College Preparatory of Excellence! As an original member of the DLH Academy planning committee, I will work to uphold the same high academic expectations that have been established since the school’s inception. I will work relentlessly continuing to assure they resonate within the school.

My role as Director of Schools and Leadership is to ensure the vision of DLH Academy is made clear to students, parents, staff and stakeholders. I will work to communicate and maintain focus upon the vision so it is actualized within the culture and climate of the school. I will establish high expectations for students, staff, teachers, and most importantly myself.

The driving force for the school is the International Baccalaureate framework and this program teaches students how to navigate the world, take ownership of their learning, and make a difference in their communities. They are taught to be open-minded individuals who understand that others with their differences can also be right.
As we forge ahead into another school year, we will work to create strong partnerships with parents. The partnerships that are created between parents and teachers will be the driving force in accomplishing academic excellence.

Precious Washington


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