Math in Focus

Your 2nd grader will be using math in focus this year to learn math concepts. Every night your child will have some piece of math homework that will help them reach their yearly goals. 



Please invest in getting flashcards for addition and subtraction to 20. All second graders must know their math facts to 20 by memory by the end of the year. Practice these every night for about 5 minutes. This will help them tremendously. 


Moby Max

Moby Max is a computer based program that allows your child to work on skills that will help them meet their individual math needs. Each child is placed at their instructional level and is expected to complete modules in class and for homework daily. It is important for your child to complete their assignments on a daily basis. 


Chapter 1 Numbers to 1000

Students will be able to:

  • Explain how to use base ten blocks to count on
  • Justify how to write numbers in standard form using place value
  • Verify comparison of numbers using base ten blocks
  • Explain how to use place value to order numbers and identify number patterns

Standards Assessed: 2NBT.1; 2NBT.1A, 2NBT.1B; 2NBT.2; 2NBT.3; 2NBT.4; 2MD.6; 

Chapter Vocabulary: 

  • hundred: 10tens=100
  • thousand: 10 hundreds=1000
  • standard form: 258 is the standard form for 258
  • Word form: two hundred fifty-eight is the word form for 258
  • Expanded form: 200+50+8 is the expanded form for 258
  • greater than and less than
  • more than and less than


Chapter 2 Addition up to 1000:   Chapter 2 Test will take place on Friday, October 23rd. All homework will help students with addition strategies, so it is important that they are completing their homework assingments nightly. 

Students will be able to

  •  explain how to use place value strategies to add up to 1000
  •  regroup in ones and tens with an explanation 
  •  solve number stories using addition strategies

Standards Assessed: 2NBT.1, 2NBT.1a, 2NBT.3, 2NBT.5, 2NBT.6, 2NBT.7, 2NBT.9, 

Chapter Vocabulary

  • add: put together two, or more parts to make a whole
  • Place Value Chart: Tool used to understand place values. change 10 ones to 1 ten or 1 then to 10 ones
Hundreds Tens Ones
2 3 1
  • Regroup: change 10 ones to 1 ten or 1 then to 10 ones.   Change 10 tens to 1 hundred or 1 hundred to 10 tens.