January 13, 2019  

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  • ReadingReading

    We are continuing with Cass this week in Meet the SuperKids!, then we'll meet Oswald. He likes odd animals and especially to create new animals. Cna you think of odd anilmals that start with the letter 'O'?

  • Letter CcLetter Cc

    Please talk about the letter O with your child this week. What it looks like, what sound it makes (we're working on the short sound) and how to write it. The file to the right, titled Letters2 has a video on writing O and all the letters we are to cover in Meet the SuperKids!.

  • EveryDay MathEveryDay Math

    We are learning about shapes in this EveryDay Math unit. Square, rectangle, triangle, circle, oval, trapezoid, rhombus and hexagon.

  • Number 12Number 12

    Our number this week is 12! Please count out 12 objects wth your child, then write 12. There is a number writing tutorial to the right titled, Write the Numbers!

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